44+ 1998 Catera Engine Diagram Background

44+ 1998 Catera Engine Diagram Background. The heater core in a 1998 cadillac catera can be located by referring to the engine diagram in the owner manual. Malfunctions often will be indicated by the system.

Cadillac Catera 3 0 Engine Diagram
Cadillac Catera 3 0 Engine Diagram from dz310nzuyimx0.cloudfront.net
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Unfortunately, it had no manual.

What part of the coolant system runs at the back of the engine and to the right? I have a cadillac catera 1998.it has a coolant leak on the back of the motor.i found a broken hose.one end goes to the transmition and i can't find where the i don't have a diagram, but your problem is the oil cooler underneath the intake on top of the engine. Remove the intake, and the cooler is right there. Hino engines workshop manuals free download.

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